Mzrfzr Auto-Renewals

Ok.. I’m an idiot.. But I am SICK AND TIRED of this Bull$h!t of default auto-renewals coupled with the glaring lack of customer support. This will be no surprise to most of you but SURPRISE.. its in the PC world.. actually PCMag world..I used to Love Ziff-Davis. They had all the great mags and in the day that I was a burgeoning PC guru.. (I handled Dos like a pro!) I would eat, sleep and breathe these things.. PCMag used to have programs that you could enter and compile.. all those kewl utils.. and lots of command line tips and tricks.. Now.. it is just crap.. like so many other things in life.. watered down and thinly veiled (if at all) promotional crap… It exists solely to tell you what you should have, not what you could do… but that is another R@NT!

So.. I subscribe thinking that as a mag subscriber I would get access to the utility downloads.. Makes sense.. but FZ NO !.. After I get the mag I discover that you have to subscribe seperatly to get the utils.. so.. I pony up another $20 to get those.. (NOTE TO SELF: CANX THAT $h!T TOO !!) SO.. I have a mag coming that I feared I wouldn’t like, but I now have access to the utils I wanted so.. I’ll live with it..

Now.. I get this card saying that my mag subscription will renew in January. The wife called and said.. PCMag took $$$ out of our account…. TODAY.. Now.. Again.. I’m an idiot, but it was 90 degrees yesterday.. and unless I actually *AM* in HELL.. I don’t think its January.

SO The search begins .. off I go to (please avoid this site.. ) to find the proverbial Contact Us button. After searching for FAR Too long.. I find it .. only to discover.. you really should only contact us if you want to buy ad space.. or submit an editorial. Multiple attempts to get a phone number fail. The search for that post card fails too.. (Where in the #$#^# does stuff go!?!? ) My only guess is that it is having a great time with all my unpaired lost socks.. We finally notice that detailed search of the credit card charge includes an 800 number.. if you want to canx you subscription BTW.. its 800-289-0429.

Margret was very helpful.. well pleasant at least. While MY BANK has drafted the money.. at their request even.. they don’t seem to have any record of it.. Interesting.. but if I call back on Tuesday …. They should be able to get it all cleared up… Translation: on the off chance that you don’t forget to call us on Tuesday… we will return you money to you in about 90 days..

Auto-Renewals are here folks, if you sign up for something.. there is a good chance that you have already said you want it for all eternity.. so.. go back and check.. and deny that crap.. we don’t need you to pick our pockets, charging us more for the product we asked for previously.. (but thats another RANT for another day!).

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