MzrFzn Barking!!

I have to get in on this fzn ranting because I was livid last night. As soon as we get the little one down to bed we start to hear lots of mzrfzn barking!! Woof mzrfzn woof!! Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem with dogs but when the only reminder of a persons pooch is it’s fzn barking all the time then something is wrong. Our neighbor to the West had one like this and thankfully it moved when their daughter did. Now as you may or may not know my fzn Aunt lives next door to the East and this is where the mzrfzn barking is coming from. So I being the fzn biyotch I am pick up the phone and ask if the dog which belongs to the daughter that does not live there is visiting because it is so mzrfzn dark outside I can’t see the pooch. She then explains that they got a dog today and “Is it barking?”. I’m like “WTF!!!, you can’t hear it?!?” She then explains they have been outside with it all night until 15 mins ago. I then kindly explain that it has been barking the entire 15 mins. My extra irritation in their obtaining this dog is that I know they are a family that has the hardest time with finances. Everyone is constantly helping them out, they can’t always afford food and the rent is always behind but eventually it gets so behind the family has to step up and help out with that too. It’s not like they are dying for fzn pets, they already have two cats, two ferrets and two rats. So what the fz does a person who can’t take care of their current family need a mzrfzn annoying barking dog for?!?

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