So.. what the fz is a “mzrfzr”?

Literally you, if you’ve made it with a mommy. Your father most definitely. However, we don’t use that term literally, but rather as a colloquialism. Read on…
Well, a little background first. I am man. A common man with a simple agricultural life.. NOT! I am a geek, bruh, complete with geekiness and gadetry. Don’t get it twisted, I am a man’s man and a ladies man 😉 (with the “lady” being my wife). I enjoy common things like TV and movies. I was watching rare television with commercials still in it and promos for the movie Snakes on a Plane, kept coming on with that famous line, but with some sort of audio blurring on the expletives. I turned this into the topic line of the chatroom we hang out in (on, #kansans and #geekdom), with similar “blurring” –I’ve had it with these Mzrfzn snakes on this mzrfzn plane! This caused a few giggles, if only by me, and I deemed mzr fzn and variants such as mzr fzr or even fz the way to get down verbally without someone peeking over our shoulders and seeing a bunch of mzr fzn cussin’. I’ll leave it to one of the regulars (and LONG time friend) ak to later blog about his funnies he came up with using the abbreviation/substitution.
Ak suggested recently that we see if was available as a domain, and it blossomed into this, the Official Site of #kansans and #geekdom (on irc server and friends). We will post summaries of anything of substance, if only for us or our friends and family to read about, or for us to laugh about later.

We had a good run once when the show American Inventor was on, laughing about the “Therapy Buddy” and the “Bladder Buddy”. I chuckle now and sometimes post “ForsGump disappears into a hefty sack” followed by “IGNORE THAT SOUND OF RUNNING WATER!” This means nothing to the uninitiated and may not still make any of the initiated but me chuckle, but I think we all had a good time at that show’s expense…
So stay tuned, my friends, even join us if you dare. And WATCH OUT FOR THAT MZRFZN SNAKE!

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