I left the “Big City” for a small (PoS) town in Central Texas… because some a$$hole wanted to save the company a few bucks.. Never mind that the loss of knowledge in that little “closing of the office” cost the company big $$$.. Never mind that the concept that they could do what we did in that office with half the staff was TOTAL BS. The truth is that most goes undone, and what has to be done is done by as many or more AND its fzn OUTSOURCED .. but that is a WHOLE ‘NUTHER RANT. Never mind that when I left the big city it wasn’t a very good time economically so I lost $25k on my house.. Its all good right?? Curious yet on which of the many directions this rant will go?? Well sit back and buckle up… this is gonna be a fun little ride….
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Ok.. So I’ve been a “Windows” user longer than I have been a user of any other OS. That includes my time in Amiga OS, DOS and Linux of various flavors. Work PC’s are dedicated Windows machines so… What I have discovered today is amazingly shocking, oh.. and I don’t shock easy… Sit up, take note and by all means .. don’t take my word for it.. You need to read this yourself. Continue reading “MzrFzr VISTA”