MzrFzn Cricket!

Last Thursday I am transferring a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer and my jaw dropped to see my razr phone at the bottom, my immediate thought was well fz me and second I wanted to cry I really was spent it had been a stressful week.

After giving it the optimistic approach which included drying it out all night in front of a fan and then even putting it in the dryer (this was recommended by my boss, apparently it has worked twice for her LOL) it still would not work. This was to be expected since it took a couple baths which included some cheer and downey so I really wasn’t surprised.

Now I enter the portion that got me livid which brings me to to share my experience. I am an avid cricket user, my phone is my home line and I have been hit by fzd up charges when going over my minutes. Since I don’t travel cricket does me well, normally. I go to the nearest cricket store to purchase the same phone after considering the krzr which I don’t need. Now keep in mind I go to the local store after investigating the cost at cricket is the same as at chit chat wireless. I go there because I know they give a $50 discount for people who pay on time and also waive the $15 transfer fee.

As fzn normal the place is swamped with tons of skanky individuals and it is hard to contain my daughter to my small bubble of space but I manage with the contents of my purse for a lengthy time. We finally get beckoned to the counter by this meathead Todd which is a really mzrfzn ass and it is blatant on his face and demeanor immediately. First he barely can focus on my transaction at all and keeps trying to convince the clerk next to him to go buy them some pop. She refuses due to the large amount of customers in the waiting area but he keeps informing her it is ok he gives her permission. I don’t see any word on his name tag but Todd although I can think of several other words that should be there instead.

Well fzwad Todd refuses to sell me just a phone and indicates I have to buy “the bundle” which includes the car charger, case and a crappy fzn earbud. I had the option to buy the bundle when I bought my first razr! I tell him that I don’t need the bundle and he explains that is why he will give me $80 off today and for some fzn reason can’t tell me how much it is with that amount off nor without any fzn amount off, he has to ring it up to see. Then he spouts a total with the fzn clause with tax. I immediately make him regurgitate the actual amount out of his fzn mouth and he give me an amount that is still about 40 bucks higher than for the fzn phone only which is all I fzn need!! I tell him to keep his fzn phone I’m going down the street to chit chat. I will say when I get there I’m on the defense because the fzn ditzy young girls there usually make me hurl but anything has to be better than Todd at the moment. They did help me and I was out of there in ten minutes.

I then send a email to vent to my friend who’s hubby works at cricket asking if their policy and procedures have changed or is Todd the mzrfzr I think he is. He did confirm that nothing had changed that he was aware and would like to share the information with that stores manager and I thought the story ended there but I am happy to report today that the manager called me. She apologized for the treatment I received, since I’ve been a good cricket customer since 2002. The issue is being addressed with the mzrfzr and and she will credit my account for the discounts I would have received in her store.

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