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This is a chat we had the afternoon of June 5, 2007.

13:19 <+Lt_Dan> arstechnica again… WARNING: includes cuss words but not used to ‘cuss’.
13:19 <+Lt_Dan>
13:39 < ak> Appeals Court: sudden unforeseen slips of the tongue OK. sudden unforeseen slips of the boob still verboten.
13:48 <+Lt_Dan> one note on that.. they need to stay away from cable….. modern tvs, including pre-HiDef ones, have child controls…. don’t children-ify every channel-use technology so that responsible parents can control what their kids watch–but grown folks can choose to watch violence or
boobs, if they want.. if tey don’t.. then that’s what the idea of capitalism is–“demand” for a given saubject will control its “supply”.
13:49 <+Lt_Dan> sometimes i like watching a mzrfzr get blown up of beheaded (fictionally)
13:49 <+Lt_Dan> sometimes i like watching a mzrfzr get blown up OR beheaded (fictionally)
13:51 <+Lt_Dan> and if you don’t have a child control equipped tv: don’t pay for cable or pay for the cable box as all of those have controls
13:53 <+Lt_Dan> but isn’t shielding your kids from harm in the job description of “Being a Parent”?!?
13:54 <+Lt_Dan> i don’t know…
14:02 <+Lt_Dan> pipe in parents, pipe in!
<+Lt_Dan> we’ve covered this somewhat.. and preserved it in “mzrfzn kids these days…”
<ak> It is definitely part of the parent’s job.
<ak> And any parent so cheap as to not have equipment with parental controls is too cheap for their own good. 🙂
<ak> I tried setting up parental controls once but met with some trouble…the system as a whole needs better integration for it to REALLY work
<ak> The TV, cable box and TiVo all separately have parental controls.
<+Lt_Dan> that can be a problem… but let me take another angle..
<+Lt_Dan> how often does gabby run the remote unsupervised
<ak> During the day the TiVo wants to record stuff so it asks the cable box to tune to channel “such and such”…and ends up recording an hour of “this content is blocked; please enter your password”
<+Lt_Dan> in other words YOU and MICHELLE are the parental controls 😉
<ak> hehe, true (for now)
<+Lt_Dan> the control thing is of course for the unsupervised older kids.
<ak> I tried to think of how I would circumvent the controls if I was a kid trying to get to restricted content.
<+Lt_Dan> i think even MythTV has it!
<JstGigi> lol ak
<ak> Gabby is too young to know the tricks.
<JstGigi> we don’t have it enabled but will soon for V
<ak> But she won’t be forever…
<ak> At this point she doesn’t know how to run the remote to pull stuff up from the tivo recording list.
<+Lt_Dan> currently you have security by obscurity, in a sense..
<+Lt_Dan> she don’t get at the bad stuff cuz she don’t know its there 🙂
<+Lt_Dan> nor how to get to it if she did
<ak> So we have to do it…and Dad will only hit “play” on Reading Rainbow, How It’s Made, etc. and not on Metalocalypse, South Park or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
<ak> she probably wouldn’t even enjoy it at this point.
<+Lt_Dan> but at the point you really need to rely on something.. parenting can help..
<ak> I will have to do some more experimenting to figger out how to do it in the least inconvenient way
<ak> (which will have ways of getting around it for persistent folks…but folks that persistent can always use the “I’ll watch it at Kehrberg’s house” dodge
<ak> )
<+Lt_Dan> in my own (currently) selfish way
<+Lt_Dan> i say its up to YOU to figure it out.. not the FCC removing it from MY tv 🙂
<ak> I will probably end up implementing the controls just at the tivo level
<ak> yes, I agree there!
<+Lt_Dan> i’ll remove it from my TV (computers) when I need to 😉
<ak> and I may change the “buy pay-per-view” PIN on the cable box
<ak> as it is I myself have to look THAT up on the rare occasion I use it 🙂
<+Lt_Dan> but, as a member of society. i don’t want your shorty shorts being influenced by some of the crap that I watch 🙂
<+Lt_Dan> and I don’t want to watch nick jr-ized version of crap either 🙂
<+Lt_Dan> i need my crap unfiltered
<+Lt_Dan> 🙂
<+Lt_Dan> well, its not *ALL* crap…
<+Lt_Dan> glad you feel the same way…
<+Lt_Dan> i guess, deep down, it goes to a sort of sovereignty i feel.
<+Lt_Dan> that we all have.
<+Lt_Dan> here’s one not on mzrfzr (anyone capturing this? 😉 )
<+Lt_Dan> wtf business is it of mine if two gay folk wanna get married…
<+Lt_Dan> the ‘sanctity’ of marriage has been obliterated in large part in our country by the divorce rate.
<+Lt_Dan> not to say marriage is good or bad FOR YOU.. it was, so far, the greatest day of my life when I got married.
<+Lt_Dan> the fact that its important to me doesn’t mean you have to believe the same–you’re free to choose
<ak> we’re of the same mind on that issue too.
<+Lt_Dan> 🙂
<ak> I would say getting anyone considering marriage (straight or gay) to THINK ABOUT IT LIKE AN ADULT before actually doing it would go a long way toward reducing the divorce rate.
<+Lt_Dan> remember when mr. purl went to atlanta it was to see a ceremony of two people in love that were of the same gender…
<+Lt_Dan> .. and it didn’t offend my Christian background to see it..
<+Lt_Dan> here here, ak.
<+Lt_Dan> now, not everyone is meant to be together forever, i get that
<ak> Though it is out of the mainstream, I would advocate having two folks considering marriage spend some time living together first to uncover any unforeseen “can’t stand this about you” stuff BEFORE you get to the point where the law has to be involved if you decide to split.
<+Lt_Dan> my only reason to raise the divorce rate was to show how hyppocritical it sounds when politicians say how sacred we as a country think it is.
<ak> agreed.
<+Lt_Dan> (i probably spelled that all sorts of wrong)
* ak checks…looks like maybe one extra ‘p’ was all
<ak> Just to clarify, was the ceremony part of the reason for going to Atlanta, or just something seen along the way?
<+Lt_Dan> that was the original reason for the trip
<+Lt_Dan> one of lil’s good friends from college.
<+Lt_Dan> we built a vaca around it..
<+Lt_Dan> some of us think its important, some of us don’t, some just make mistakes..
<+Lt_Dan> that’s why we are the great Melting Pot..
* ak gets a mental image of Lil and Dan building a cow around a marriage ceremony 😉
<ak> (vaca = cow in Spanish)
<ak> The whole “sanctity of marriage” thing always feels a little contrived to me, since the institution of marriage has been used in a lot of other ways during the history of Christendom that would probably “violate the sanctity” if you think about it.
<ak> i.e. marriage to weld two families together politically or in terms of property ownership
<+Lt_Dan> exactly.
<ak> or marriage of convenience e.g. to get someone citizenship or asylum
<ak> I guess “arranged marriages” are largely not done in Christian circles, but I’m not sure about that…
<ak> Many many non-Christian folks are US citizens and would see arranged marriages as totally fine, while I myself would not think I could do it myself…
<ak> …but this doesn’t make me want to outlaw the practice.
<ak> I might be more against it than gay marriage actually, because in the latter both participants are choosing it, while in an arranged marriage the participants have less control.
<ak> But even so I would say it’s their business, not mine.
<+Lt_Dan> RIGHT. about indvidual rights
<+Lt_Dan> more about individual rights.
<ak> (which is a remix of a song on the new[est] Optimus Rhyme)
<ak> Neither of those guys has a song about killing convos 😉
<ak> …although Megadeth has “Killing is my business…and business is good!”

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