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21:24 <+Lt_Dan> here's a WTF
21:24 <+Lt_Dan>
21:36 < JstGigi> good god
21:47 < DrakGuy> Yup... thats a sick trend..

21:54 < ak> acccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
21:54 < ak> couldn't even finish reading it...
21:54 < ak> wtf is going ON in this world???!
21:54 <+Lt_Dan> my thoughts exactly.. a WTF moment for real.
21:55 < ak> gives a person another good reason to stay in school/keep their job and not become homeless!  :-(
21:55 < ak> reminds me of that "fannysmackin'" episode of CSI.
21:56 < ak> hard to wrap my head around that one...but I guess the writers didn't invent it.
21:56 <+Lt_Dan> when does a life become cheap enough that extinguishing it isn't much more than teen spirit?
21:56 <+Lt_Dan> i hope the answer isn't ever, but it seems, for some, that time is now
21:57 < ak> the one kid said it "reminded him of a violent video game"...
21:57 < ak> we like to think people (kids) can tell the difference between GTA and real life, but maybe some can't
21:58 <+Lt_Dan> then the question is..
21:58 <+Lt_Dan> is Rockstar games to blame that there are people that can't fictionalize their game?
21:59 <+Lt_Dan> Mr. Baum's family would think so
21:59 <+Lt_Dan> of course the teens aren't innocent in all this...
22:00 <+Lt_Dan> I know the problem...
22:00 <+Lt_Dan> we need to bring back Rags to Riches so a mzrfzr can see it from the homeless perspective :)
22:02 <+Lt_Dan> maybe let the protagonist in that game whoop some teens ;)
22:02 < ak> hehehehe
22:02 < ak> at the least, replace the thief with a teenager
22:04 < ak> in some respects the teens are victims of a different kind...they were deprived of the guidance that could have led them to have better decision 
            making skills...
22:04 < ak> meaning, their parents are partly to blame
22:05 < ak> although that is a frightening road to go down.
22:05 < ak> being a parent myself now, I really hope I can set my kids on a better path.
22:05 < ak> This morning Gabby was playing some make-believe while we were getting her dressed...pretending she was someone else...
22:06 < ak> She said something to Michelle about "your daughter"...Michelle said "I thought *you* were my daughter."
22:06 < ak> Gabby said, "I'm not your daughter!  Your daughter is in jail!"
22:07 < ak> Silly pretend stuff...but it made us both think, I hope that never really happens.
22:07 < ak> BTW, tangent: Gabby got some ouchies yesterday...tripped on the sidewalk and did a total face-plant, didn't even manage to catch herself with 
            her arms...
22:07 < ak> she looks pretty banged up, poor kid.
22:08 < JstGigi> oh no ouch!
22:08 < JstGigi> the first of many owwies this year I'm sure
22:10 < JstGigi> hope her face heals fast that is bad
22:10 < JstGigi> I don't think the games should be blamed it is a choice to play them and purchase them
22:10 < JstGigi> if there wasn't a demand for it then they wouldn't exist
22:16 <+Lt_Dan> i was wondering what "parents" said..
22:17 <+Lt_Dan> i'm coming from a more selfish game-playing perspective
22:17 <+Lt_Dan> in which I think *I* shouldn't be kept without Vice City on my PSP because some kids can't separate it from reality.
22:18 <+Lt_Dan> but not just the games.. our society in general has allowed more and more violence
22:18 < ak> I used to think the whole "rating" system for video games and music and stuff was stupid, but these days I can see the point.
22:18 <+Lt_Dan> let a mzrfzr get shot on TV, blood spurting
22:18 <+Lt_Dan> but we'll be G*DAMNED if Janet's boob shows for .5 seconds!!!!!!!!!!
22:19 < ak> I do still think it is silly to think that keeping certain video games or music or whatever away from kids is not a silver bullet that will fix 
            any problem.
22:19 < ak> But these days I do want to have a way of knowing whether a particular item is appropriate for my kid.
22:19 <+Lt_Dan> something is telling in the kids' statements
22:20 <+Lt_Dan> i agree with that
22:20 < ak> I agree that our priorities are pretty warped in this country regarding what is considered OK to show on TV.
22:20 <+Lt_Dan> REMOVE THAT DAMN BOOB FROM THE SCREEN.. quick cut to the Cialis and Viagra commercials....
22:20 < ak> Showing part of the human body that is used to nurture new life somehow is bad, while showing a person being maimed or killed is somehow OK.
22:21 <+Lt_Dan> ...and warn them that 24 hour erections are a bad thing
22:21 <+Lt_Dan> what is this.. BIZARRO WORLD?
22:21 < ak> I liked Jon Stewart's characterization of that whole episode...that the boob was so out of place within the context of the "festival of beer, 
            erections and farting".  :-)
22:22 <+Lt_Dan> now.. am i advocating boobs on TV... maybe for grown folks ;) BUT the hypocracy is what i'm trying to highlite
22:22 < ak> s/out of place/unacceptable/ above
22:22 < ak> same here.
23:13 < DrakGuy> Ok.. You asked for it..
23:13  * ak rubs his hands together in anticipation
23:13 < DrakGuy> The problem with society today (American Society) is that we have allowed others to make decisions on our part..
23:13 < ak> (just got back from a walk outside...pretty refreshing but now it feels too hot here at my desk)
23:14 < DrakGuy> We have lost the ability to chastise our children in a manner befitting the "crime"...
23:15 < DrakGuy> We have allowed the poor decisions of others (they beat their kids too much) to affect us by allowing our lawmakers to "protect the 
                 children" (from the minority of poor parents that cannot contain themselves)
23:16 < DrakGuy> So.. You have honest people, with honest intent that wish to maintain the sense of right and wrong in our children, that have been told.. 
                 Don't touch that Child!  I will turn you in!!
23:16 < DrakGuy> This from someone that doesn't have a child.. currently or in the recent past..
23:17 < DrakGuy> Children have been given a false sense of security in this.. that they cannot be corporally punished and therefore do not have the 
                 conscience of accountablilty that we had..
23:18 < DrakGuy> Children, (once young and mildly destructive.. ) grow into teenagers that do not respect authority of any sort.. No respect for their 
                 parents (that let them run amock.. without attention)
23:18 < DrakGuy> No respect for their teachers.. that have been nuetered of any ability to inflict punishment
23:18 < DrakGuy> No respect for police officers, truent officers, or judges...
23:19 < DrakGuy> because.. THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES... and No Respect for or fear of GOD...
23:19 < DrakGuy> Ok.. You know I had to go there.. but if you have no accountability.. you have no fear of retribution, you have no control...
23:20 < DrakGuy> This is a tenant of society.. respectful fear of retribution..
23:21 < DrakGuy> I wouldn't whoop your @$$ is you were bigger than me.. and I won't whoop it if I you are smaller than me and might come get my @$$ when I 
                 sleep.. ;)
23:22 < DrakGuy> parental indefferance to children, and the indifferance of adults that can, do or could touch the lives of children has brought us here.. 
                 the path out.. is far more difficult that the path in..
23:23 < DrakGuy> but all it takes is constant CONSTANT contact and caring of adults for children, be they 8 or 18 will begin to turn this around.. and more 
                 importantly turn it around for the ones that are close to you..
23:23 < DrakGuy> The one-eyed babysitter is no longer an acceptable (hell.. never truly has been) replacement for a parent..
23:24 < DrakGuy> Love your children, convey caring and respect to the children you contact..
23:24 < DrakGuy> and you can make a differance...
23:24  * DrakGuy awakes from his trance...
23:24 < DrakGuy> What happened??
23:26 < ak> hehe
23:26 < DrakGuy> Yeah.. don't invite me to a RANT>. ;)
23:27 < JstGigi> night all
23:27 < ak> While I tend not to believe in corporal punishment, I agree with your point that adults must be more actively involved in their kids' 
23:27 < ak> Night G
23:27 < JstGigi> thanks for the rant before I left :)
23:27 < ak> I sometimes worry that I'm not spending enough time with my kids, due to working late and stuff...
23:28 < ak> at the moment we are mega-lucky that their day care provider is wonderful at providing attention, moral guidance, intellectual stimulation, etc.
23:28 < DrakGuy> Summarizing my Rant into one line??
23:28 < ak> I hope we can get them into a school that can provide teachers that will do right by our kids.
23:28 < DrakGuy> What is wrong with children today is what was wrong with parents when they were growing up !!
23:29 < ak> I think you are right there as well...
23:29 < ak> As parents we're still in a way kids following the example of our own parents...
23:30 < DrakGuy> It isn't easy to balance the work (time) required to provide for your children the way you would like and the time the would require...
23:30 < ak> I sometimes wish there were a greater requirement for people to demonstrate decent parenting abilities, personal stability, etc. before having 
            kids...but how would that ever be implemented?
23:31 < DrakGuy> Unsuccesfully most likely.. ;)
23:31 < DrakGuy> I think for me and my wife.. we have a desire to give out children more (stuff) than we had as children.... but hell.. the truth of the 
                 matter is they don't want more stuff...
23:32 < DrakGuy> They want more time.. more respect so that they can have more SELF-WORTH.. which is more valuable than Gold itself in our society..
23:32 < ak> My kids are SWIMMING in toys...MUCH more than we had growing up...and much more than some of their peers have...
23:33 < ak> If it were up to me they would have a lot less, but what with so many grandmas (and similar relatives) it is hard to stem the tide.
23:33 < DrakGuy> Confident people have more success, are more capable of riding out times of low success and attract more people and friends to themselves...
23:33 < DrakGuy> LOL.. We don't have that problem.. In our house.. its our fault.. (moreso my wifes.. )
23:33 < ak> I've thought several times about going through Gabby's play room with her and picking out some toys to give to Goodwill "for the other kids who 
            don't have toys".
23:33 < DrakGuy> That is a great idea..
23:34 < DrakGuy> It is (sometimes) hard to implement at first.. you might call the Ronald McDonald House.. to see what a donation policy is there..
23:34 < DrakGuy> Kids can emphathize with a sick kid easier than some goodwill box..
23:35 < ak> Good idea.
23:35 < DrakGuy> Im full of it.. ;)
23:35 < DrakGuy> some good.. some stinky..
23:37 < DrakGuy> I am no perfect parent.. don't get me wrong.. I don't spend enough time with my kids either.. I just try to balance as well as I can..
23:38 < DrakGuy> But I do try to prop up the self worth of my kids and those that I contact as much as I can..
23:38 < DrakGuy> and I know from convos here that it is not uncommon... in our microcosm..
23:39 < DrakGuy> Parenting is harder than work.. If it were easy.. more of us would opt to have less and stay home all day with our kids !! LOL
Day changed to 21 Feb 2007
00:05 <+lilangel> wow! what a rant!
00:06 < DrakGuy> LOL Sorry.. ;)
00:06 <+lilangel> the tv guy will be here soon to look at our HDMI input!
00:06 <+lilangel> you don't have to apologize :)
00:06  * DrakGuy Crosses his fingers for yoU !!
00:07 <+lilangel> since we don't have kids yet it makes it hard for me to comment on some stuff
00:07 <+lilangel> crossing our fingers, too...should know soon if all the shots this month did the trick
00:10  * DrakGuy prays.. crosses his fingers.. crosses his eyes.. rubs his belly..
00:10 < DrakGuy> Anything  else??  :)
00:12 <+Lt_Dan> aaaaaahhhh.
00:12 <+Lt_Dan> now THAT'S what a WTF link is supposed to lead to!!!!
00:13 <+Lt_Dan> unfortunately, not enough people would read that article and become concerned.. Far too few parents would read it and become concerned..
00:13 <+Lt_Dan> capture and post, my man ak, capture and post!
00:15 <+Lt_Dan> Let me briefly add that it need not just be the time alone.. but the QUALITY of the time you spend.. Here speaking only as a child that grew 
                up with one very hard-working parent oft absent...
00:16 <+Lt_Dan> ..
00:16 <+Lt_Dan> and
00:17 <+Lt_Dan> as far as nature versus nurture.. my gene pool had the potential to go either way.. Mom--pretty good midwestern woman. Father-10 kids with 5 
00:17 <+Lt_Dan> but we'll leave the nature versus nurture for another time...

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