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Here is the first of (probably) several IRClogs. This was a discussion ak and I had as the smoke settled on another Monday. I left my typos and grammatical errors intact 😉 In summary, it is our discussion of political things and such.
17:06 <@ForsGump> we are just bible thumpers
17:06 <@ForsGump> after our stints with banning evolution in our schools briefly
17:06 <@ForsGump> i heard that come up on jeopardy
17:06 <@ForsGump> all contestants had an answer:
17:06 <@ForsGump> Ding! Mississippi?
17:07 <@ForsGump> Ding! What is Mississippi?
17:07 <@ForsGump> Ding! What is Alabama
17:07 <@ForsGump> Ding! What is Arkansas
17:07 < ak> oh jeeeeeez
17:07 < ak> that crap makes me so embarrassed
17:08 <@ForsGump> i turned to lil and was like... DAMN! likened to
17:08 <@ForsGump> WTF
17:08 < ak> whatever you do, vote against phil kline for state attorney general
17:08 < ak> likened to ANY of those states is like a swift kick in the b@115...
17:09 < ak> I wonder how long until other states forget about that crap...
17:09 < ak> before, they didn't think much of anything about us (except "flat"
and "wizard of oz")
17:09 <@ForsGump> wasn't that when we were in college, or thereabouts?
17:10 < ak> but now they think of us as backward hicks that prefer religion to
17:10 < ak> poor things, too stupid to understand evolution, so they banned it!
17:10 < ak> I think it may have been kicked around a bit while we were in
school, but it was around the turn of the century when it actually
went down...
17:11 <@ForsGump> from NPR
17:11 <@ForsGump> it was aroudn 2000
17:11 <@ForsGump> you were right :)17:11 <@ForsGump> you were right :)
17:11 < ak> soon after, the backwater dips got voted back out of the board of
education, and that mess was SWIFTLY reversed
17:11 <@ForsGump> frmo CNN in Valentine's Day 2001:
17:12 <@ForsGump> Reversing a controversial 1999 move, the Kansas Board of
Education voted Wednesday to restore the theory of evolution
to state school standards.
17:12 < ak> of course, it'll probably be like a pendulum, and the religious
chumps will get back in there sooner or later
17:12 <@ForsGump> so in the 2000 elections, we elected ppl that took care of it
17:12 < ak> if they do, it'll just help deflect attention from their real goal,
which is to vandalize public education as much as they can
17:13 <@ForsGump> you should see
17:13 <@ForsGump> "Man of the Year"
17:13 < ak> it took the frickin' state supreme court to ORDER them to come up
with an education budget that fit the constitutional requirements
as to producing a decent education
17:13 < ak> I'd like to, isn't that the robin williams movie?
17:13 <@ForsGump> yes, one that jabs the political system a rabbit punch in the
17:14 < ak> hehehehehehe, it can sure stand to have that happen :-)
17:14 < ak> hopefully this year's election day will be like a rabbit punch to
the republicans...
17:14 <@ForsGump> williams gets off a couple rants
17:14 <@ForsGump> in the movie he is like a Bill Maher/Jon Stewart
17:14 <@ForsGump> a Cable "News" Comedy show dude
17:15 < ak> they've been in control of the entire federal government long
enough...long enough for it to be revealed that they don't know (or
care) what the F*** they do to the government
17:15 <@ForsGump> yeah, its hard to compain negatively
17:15 <@ForsGump> The Democrats.... um....
17:15 < ak> I love Jon Stewart...Maher is just a little too abrasive for my
taste :-)
17:15 <@ForsGump> are not responsible as they've had control of
17:15 <@ForsGump> NOT the House
17:15 <@ForsGump> NOT the Senate
17:15 <@ForsGump> Not the Whitehouse
17:16 < ak> I always wonder how they can STILL try to blame sh*t on the
democrats...they haven't been in the front seat, let alone the
driver's seat, for a LONG otello
17:16 <@ForsGump> i need to watch / Myth stewart.. i've stumbled on it from
time to time
17:16 <@ForsGump> and it is funny :)
17:16 < ak> he is good at zingin' it to old dubya! :-)
17:16 <@ForsGump> dubya's not a moving target.. ;)
17:17 < ak> stephen colbert is too, although it took me a while to kind of wrap
my head around him
17:17 <@ForsGump> but that don't mean he don't need no zingin'!!!!!
17:17 < ak> truedat! :-)
17:18 <@ForsGump> what is colbert on?
17:18 <@ForsGump> Comedy?
17:18 <@ForsGump> as in Comedy Central?
17:21 <@ForsGump> what's the story with this Frosh from IL maybe running for the
Democratic Nod?
17:21 < ak> yeah, the "colbert report" (pronounced "cole bear re pour", hehehe) is on
directly after the daily show
17:21 < ak> (2230)
17:21 < ak> barack obama?
17:21 < ak> I've heard some about him, all pretty good...
17:21 < ak> came to prominence with his address at the 2004 democratic convention...
17:22 < ak> Michelle was watching Oprah with him and his wife on it the other day, I
sat down and watched too
17:22 < ak> He's definitely a good guy to have on our side, I think.
17:23 < ak> One cool thing is he refuses to let the repubs have the sole title of
"party of family values". He is a VERY family oriented man.
17:23 < ak> It seems like H.Clinton is probably the most well-known person who will
probably seek nomination, but I think she is too divisive to win. many
republicans would rather saw off their leg than vote for her, they hate her
so bad.
17:23 < ak> (I never was real clear on why.)
17:24 < ak> But Obama appears like he might have a broad enough appeal to take some
votes from disenchanted repubs.
17:25 <@ForsGump> yeah.
17:25 <@ForsGump> Hillary (D. NY) Hasn't announced yet but
17:25 <@ForsGump> it seems she will
17:26 < ak> So if I had to choose between a woman I see as strong and a good leader,
who would certainly do a better job than the current dude, or a relatively
unknown but promising young guy who looks to be a potential source of
national unity...
17:26 <@ForsGump> always seeing their names with D-NY
17:26 <@ForsGump> or D-IL
17:26 < ak> I'd have to choose the latter.
17:26 <@ForsGump> :)
17:26 <@ForsGump> is america ready for...
17:26 <@ForsGump> a) A non-male president?
17:26 <@ForsGump> b) A non-white president?
17:27 <@ForsGump> I'd like to think so
17:27 < ak> Much as I would love to see a woman take the top office. I would also love
to see a non-white president.
17:27 < ak> I'd say it is about high time for either.
17:27 <@ForsGump> but Miss, Al, SC, etc. get electoral votes...
17:28 < ak> of CAWSE thay dew! (faux southern accent)
17:28 <@ForsGump> the "good old-boy" network might vote "agin 'em" just cuz of a and b
17:28 < ak> that is true.
17:28 <@ForsGump> i left off GA, because it has a high population of minorites, at
least for a southern state
17:28 <@ForsGump> same with FL
17:28 <@ForsGump> but we know how THAT state does..... ;)
17:28 < ak> I always hold out hope that there could be a non-mudslinging race, and I'd
like to see those two compete solely on merit, and not on insulting each
17:29 <@ForsGump> me too
17:29 < ak> seems about as likely as the tooth fairy being for real though ;-)
17:29 <@ForsGump> it seems the coward's way out to say
17:29 <@ForsGump> See how much more crappy he is than me!!!!!
17:29 <@ForsGump> rather than
17:29 <@ForsGump> THis is what I believe in and what I am all about!!!
17:29 < ak> to me, if you can only provide a reason to vote against someone else, and
not a reason to vote FOR you...that's a bad sign
17:30 <@ForsGump> I may suck, and most likely I do, but he REALLLLLY sux0rs!
17:30 <@ForsGump> :)
17:30 < ak> (see phil kline's recent ads)
17:31 <@ForsGump> Here, watch this black & white video with ominous music and distorted
facts about his sux0r-ness
17:31 < ak> the other side of the bummerness is the other candidate probably wants to
keep it positive, but they just about HAVE to divert from the course just
long enough to refute the claims from the other side
17:31 < ak> otherwise it looks like well, he ain't denyin' must be true!
17:32 < ak> which takes away time and money they could have spent making the point they
want to make.
17:32 <@ForsGump> We need a Sucker Free Election!
17:33 <@ForsGump> "Sucker Free" is an MTV term / show applied to (usually)
17:33 <@ForsGump> like "Sucker Free" countdown.. a countdown of obscure rap
17:34 < ak> hehehehe
17:35 <@ForsGump> one or both of us should distill this into a Sux0r Free Election post
on mzrfzr
17:36 < ak> we should...

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