I left the “Big City” for a small (PoS) town in Central Texas… because some a$$hole wanted to save the company a few bucks.. Never mind that the loss of knowledge in that little “closing of the office” cost the company big $$$.. Never mind that the concept that they could do what we did in that office with half the staff was TOTAL BS. The truth is that most goes undone, and what has to be done is done by as many or more AND its fzn OUTSOURCED .. but that is a WHOLE ‘NUTHER RANT. Never mind that when I left the big city it wasn’t a very good time economically so I lost $25k on my house.. Its all good right?? Curious yet on which of the many directions this rant will go?? Well sit back and buckle up… this is gonna be a fun little ride….

Two years.. two years I have been here, and in those two years, the kids have grown, I’ve shrunk.. and grown.. so has the wife.. the constant thing in those two years has been that I am less safe in this “little Town” than I was in “The Big City” (TBC). I don’t live in the best part of town, lets face it, I didn’t have a whole lot of cash when I left, and I still had a mortgage on a house in TBC. Oh.. that house in TBC was a nice one too… BIG.. beautiful.. old… SOLID. The house here? Not so old.. not so big.. not solid and parked right in the middle of what was once a middle class neighborhood. Well that Neighborhood is flipping.. and becoming more of a ‘hood. More of the old people around us move out or die off, and the inbound neighbors are renters or otherwise that simply don’t give a $h!t about anything but themselves… And I would say they don’t even care about themselves. NO respect for anything.. And so I sit here… unable to move out in a degrading neighborhood. Nice.. I guess next time they shut down my office and ask me if I want to move to XXXXX I will have a reason to leave…

It used to be that the “Local Wild(low)life” would congregate around my car. I park it in the street, because the “office” used to be the garage. The wife parks her nice moderately new minivan in the driveway. So, my car was the local hotspot… Hangout.. I even saw them dancing on the roof of it one night.. Lets say that wasn’t a good night either.. Several times I have had it rifled, change taken from the ashtray, everything gone through and strewn around.. punks looking for candy money. So.. I locked it.. and put flood lights out front. Apparently that was good.. they like the light.. better to see the honeys and shit.. That was mostly a year ago.. and that crowd has mostly dispersed. As of late I have gotten a little lax in my locking of the car, and today I paid for it.. I get in my car this morning and oddly enough the seat is leaned way back.. I think.. Nice.. Glad you made yourself comfortable.. a$$holes.. THEN I see it.. That collection of wires and twisted metal where the radio USED to be. YOU FZN THEIVING BASTAGES!! It wasn’t THAT NICE OF A STEREO!!! Its a crap little car, an aftermarket radio.. but nothing wonderful.. nothing that would pump the bass. Its just a crap radio for my crap car. UNFZN REAL.. I’m so pissed I can’t even see straight.. LOOK YOU LITTLE FZRS! GET A JOB! BUY YOUR OWN CRAP RADIO!! LEAVE MY SH!T ALONE !!!!

Why is it that we have unemployment?? Are you kidding me?? There are punks around here that don’t work, would rather steal my $hit than work for their own. I never have had any sympathy for that sector of the community. Oh.. those poor people.. they need our help.. they need our tax dollars.. BULL$H!T.. They need to get off their a$$es and work like I did. No.. I didn’t make much either. No I didn’t have a pot to pi$$ in or a window to throw it out of. but I worked.. two jobs if I needed, and I walked or rode a bike to work ‘cuz I couldn’t afford a car. So don’t give me any of that mamby-pamby BS! I did it and I survived… Kiss my @$$ GET A JOB! FZ YOU and your DISRESPECTFUL SWAGER. Punk hip-hop-gansta-FZN-WANNABEs.

I laughed so when my Mom finally came to the realization. I think you really are.. (Go ahead.. Say it..) a REPUBLICAN. Ok… Not to bring politics into this.. cuz there are more rants on that whole system too, but I don’t feel the need to subsidize the theft of my stuff. I give $hit way when I don’t need it, if it serves you then so be it. I rarely sell my old stuff because when I don’t want it anymore it doesn’t have value to me. (Make any sense?) If I wanted it, it intrinsically has value, if I don’t it doesn’t. If it doesn’t have value why would I try to sell it?!!? I am sure that there are those that are truly trying to get out of the gutter and need help. Go to the Church. That is my outlet for assistance. I give to the church.. the provide assistance to those that need it, and I feel they are MUCH better qualified to determine who needs it than Uncle Sam. Lets face it.. that booger is a push over…. If you have the ability to fill out a form (oh wait.. if you don’t.. someone else can.. you just have to drop your X on it… OH.. and I have to pay THAT idiot to fill out YOUR form… WTF!?!?!) So.. I say.. GET A FZN JOB, make something of yourself. Respect you SURNAME, it USED to mean something. Take back your dignity and wear it with PRIDE.

OH.. and if you feel that small warming of pride.. bring back my fzn radio.. the sound of the wind whistling in the crack in the window that never quite seals is gonna really pi$$ me off in the long run.

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