Ok.. So I’ve been a “Windows” user longer than I have been a user of any other OS. That includes my time in Amiga OS, DOS and Linux of various flavors. Work PC’s are dedicated Windows machines so… What I have discovered today is amazingly shocking, oh.. and I don’t shock easy… Sit up, take note and by all means .. don’t take my word for it.. You need to read this yourself.

I am an avid fan of Leo LaPorte, and Steve Gibson, Hosts of the podcast Security Now! If you do not listen to this podcast, you probably should… Ok.. just do it.. You can thank me later. Podcast #73 is what got me here today… Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Peter Gutmann wrote this white paper outlining the upcoming DRM in VISTA.. You need to read this.. the short of it.. M$ is at it again…and this time… They have us by the short hairs…
They have finally found something that is so disgusting that it can only be wrapped in DRM “requested” by Hollywood. What they want is a new platform to rival the monopoly that Apply had on Digital Music. Only this is going to cost us.. deeply. The wording of the technical documents are so ambiguous and the long and short if it is that if they don’t believe that you are on the up an up.. or worse.. if they feel that the hardware you are using (no.. not ~YOUR~ hardware.. just your brand and model) is not secureable.. they can reach out and brick it.. Yup.. kiss your mzrfzn hard earned cash goodbye… we don’t trust that card anymore.. go get a new one.. or you can wait for a new driver that sufficiently limits the capabilities.. to meet our (M$) desires. Yeah.. read it.. don’t take my word for it.. OH wait.. it gets better!

Better than bricking my $h!t you say!?? Yup.. I know that many of us are dual OS to say the least.. I am getting into Linux more and more and I enjoy the fact that in the short time I have been playing with it (lets say ~5 years) the support of hardware is getting better and better to the point of near plug and play. Well.. its light years better than it was but now the DRM that M$ VISTA is cramming down our throats includes a nice piece of $h!t for us to swallow with it.. They are forcing the hardware manufactures to come up with these signed drivers that include in their agreements that they will not share the architecture with anyone so as to keep the DRM cryptography B$ all secret.. forever.. Well.. if you don’t spend the $$$ to make a driver for Me.. in Linux world (I understand.. There aren’t many of us….relative to the M$ market) it used to be that you could share some info with me (ok.. Not ME but people WAY smarter than me) and a driver would be written for our community, by our community. Not a bad deal this open source stuff.. So .. M$ has found a way to brick my machine, or components therein, AND STIFLE OPEN SOURCE CREATION OF DRIVERS for new hardware (lets focus and say mainly Video.. but not entirely). Not enough to raise your Blood pressure?? Oh.. there is more.. but you need to Read it yourself… I read it 10 hours ago and I am still calming down.. I wish I had ranted while I was reading it.. This would have a bit more venom in it..

Summary?? ok.. Fz M$ and their corporate desire to own the Fzn World.. They can kiss my ass.. I am leaving M$ at home and will look forward to the day I have the option of using Linux at work. I will not own or use VISTA.. and unless Uncle Billy comes up with a replacement for Chocolate.. he can kiss my $$$ goodbye.. FOREVER

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