Ode to GTA

Happy gansters roll
Over hookers walking in the street
and machine gun doooown some cops
Helicopters in the sky
Sending fed agents tooo waaaaste yoooooooou
(…to waste me!)

-Sang to the Snickers commercial tune.

Mzrfzn Infertility

“It’ll happen when you least expect it…”

“Just relax…it’ll happen. Maybe you are too tense”.

” At least you know you CAN get pregnant.”

In my quest to have children I have heard these saying numerous times. Many of them more than once. There are also many, many, more that I could list, but just filling up with a bunch of quotes doesn’t make for interesting reading. So, I will attempt to spill my guts about my struggles with infertility. I NEVER thought I would be writing this in a million years. Continue reading “Mzrfzn Infertility”